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Saturday | 17th February 2024 | 9:30pm GMT

Please check how this corresponds with your local time zone


This session is like Tarot Speed Dating! It is designed to support your practice, which can be intimidating when reading for complete strangers, but also very necessary to improve your performance and confidence. Working in a group of other students takes a lot of the pressure off, because it provides a querent to read for who is in the same boat as you and understands how you feel and is best placed to provide honest feedback to you. 


We will gather together in the zoom room and each session will be introduced with a grounding and protection meditation to help you relax and tune in, some handy dandy tarot tips from Charlotte, then all participants will be sent to break out rooms with a partner, where you will take turns to give each other a tarot reading (10 mins each). You will swap partners at least 2-3 times. Charlotte is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and each session will include an open Q&A with her.


This is a wonderful opportunity to continue your tarot learning with Charlotte and  practice your reading skills, in a safe, supportive and loving environment, and receive readings for yourself!


This practice session is suited to anyone who has either already taken my Tarot for Beginners class and/or is confident enough to read cards without the use of a book or written prompts.


This session will be around 60-90 minutes and participants will spend at least 40 minutes in break out rooms, receiving and offering readings with different partners.


Please note that this session will not be recorded and live participation is required. You will need earphones/mic and video for Zoom. If you cannot attend this one, please be reassured this practice session will be repeated monthly.


Tarot Reading Practice

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