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PLEASE NOTE - There are only a limited number of clearings offered each week, if the service appears out of stock please check back on a Monday when more bookings are made available.


Spirit Release Therapy is a clinical alternative to religious exorcism and traditional shamanistic practice of soul retrieval.

If you are involved in or practising any form of spirituality without adequate protection, you are particularly vulnerable to psychic attack, from either dark force entities, hexes and/or curses delivered by third parties.


An SRT clearing is conducted by two people (both a medium and facilitator), who connect with your spiritual body/energetic field and review overall spiritual health, clearing anything negative as required.


This includes but is not limited to -

Hearing Voices and/or unpleasant or intrusive thoughts

Curses or Hexes

Possession resulting in unwanted behaviours (including drug/alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and/or violence)

Seeing/Feeling negative presence about a person or their home

Sudden onset of anxiety, depression or illness which does not seem related to your present circumstances or conditions.


An SRT treatment ensures that the recipient is made "sovereign" - that is to say you will be in full possession of your soul, emotional, physical and mental body without interference.  Guidance on protection and after care is included. 


Charlotte conducts most of the SRT but also works with a team of skilled mediums that she has trained herself as in some instances, Charlotte is guided that she is not the appropriate medium for the task. All mediums tune in at their own unique frequency and also work with their own unique team of guides. Your case will always be assigned to the most appropriate medium to clear you at that time, and this is decided by spirit. 


This is a remote service, you will receive a detailed report via email after the service is completed, either in writing or an audio file, whichever is approriate for your case.  Lead time is up to 14 business days. If your clearing is urgent please get in touch ahead of booking to enquire about the current lead time. 


Strictly no refunds.

Spirit Release Therapy for 1 Person | Remote Service

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