Mediumship is the psychic practice of channelling consciousness.

It is a sacred practice that allows us to tap into our own higher consciousness and the universe beyond. Once we are reconnected to this ability we are able to deepen our wisdom, spirituality and the power of our healing experience. The most beautiful aspect of mediumship is that it awakens us to the ancient truth that we are never really alone, we are divine beings of light who are always connected to a universal soul family.


This is a life transforming and deeply healing course, intended not just to develop your mediumship and psychic abilities, but to awaken your senses to the awesome healing power of your spirit guides. All of my classes and workshops are channelled and intuitively guided, I am not the teacher, merely the instrument through which spirit teaches.


In this 4 part LIVE VIDEO workshop I share with you the practice of mediumship from the ground up, reconnecting you first to your own higher wisdom and mother earth’s gentle and nurturing energy, all the way through to safely communicating with your guides and loved ones on the other side. This series is designed to cover all aspects of mediumship with a 4 week gap between sessions to allow you time to develop your practice and skills between classes. 


Part 1 - Channelling from the Heart (3 hours)

Saturday | 11th December 2021 | 4pm-7pm GMT

(Please check how this corresponds with your local time zone).


 Mother Earth is your most significant teacher and comrade on your spiritual journey, channelling natures wisdom and learning to filter it through your own heart space helps restore trust in your own higher self, gives you access to more healing, comfort, guidance and truth. This is the safest, easiest and gentle of mediumship practices, perfect for the absolute beginner or anyone who does not feel ready to communicate with spirits from ‘the other side’.


  • The mechanics of mediumship - The How’s, What’s and Why’s

  • Opening your light channel safely - the basics of protection & discernment

  • Connecting to your higher self

  • Channelling Mother Earth & Nature

  • Guided Meditations to support your practice


Part 2 - Channeling the Animal Kingdom (2.5 hours)

Saturday | 8th January 2022 | 4pm-6:30pm GMT

(Please check how this corresponds with your local time zone).


In this session, we explore how to safely communicate with animal consciousness, both those living alongside us in the present and those in the 5D that may be part of our personal spiritual counsel - often referred to as Spirit Animals or Power Animals. 


  • The wisdom of animal consciousness

  • How to define, discern and work safely with animal energy

  • Communicating with Pets & Wild Creatures 

  • Meet your Power Animals

  • Guided Meditations to support your practice


Part 3 - Connecting to the Devic Community (2.5 hours)

Saturday, 12th February 2022, at 4pm-6:30pm GMT

(Please check how this corresponds with your local time zone).


The Devic Community refers to those beings who share this earthly dimension with us but who reside just beyond the awareness of our lower senses. It includes fairies, pixies, gnomes, sprites, goblins and all manner of earthborn creatures that whilst bearing a striking resemblance to the energy of a human, have their own subtle vibrational frequencies, sensory perception and powers that are quite different to our own. The Deva are rich in knowledge and wisdom rooted in a worldview that is both simple and joyful, they make wonderful friends, confidants, spiritual teachers and occasional they are part of our own team of spiritual guides.


  • The wisdom of the Deva

  • How to define, discern and work safely with Deva energy

  • Journeys into the Devic Realms

  • Discover your Devic Guides

  • Guided Meditations to support your practice


Part 4 - Connecting with your Spirit Guides (3 hours)

Saturday | 12th March 2022 | 4pm-7pm GMT 

(Please check how this corresponds with your local time zone).


Learning to safely communicate with your Spirit Guides is a profoundly moving and beautiful experience, once you have formed a trusted connection with them you have access to the higher learning you need the most, they are truly your greatest teachers. We all have a spiritual counsel and in most cases, you elected them personally before incarnating here. This team is usually composed of a variety of souls you have known and loved through many lifetimes, chosen specifically to guide you in ways that support your higher self’s living objectives, mission and purpose. In this session we take your mediumship practice out into the ether, leaving the comfort of your familiar Earthly reality to explore and communicate with the higher realms of spirit. If we are to receive trustworthy and accurate messages from spirit it is imperative we can be sure of the communications provenance, so we address how to discern the difference between the high vibrational presence and communication of your guide and an imposter. 


  • Spirit Guides - Why? What? How?

  • How to define, discern and work safely with spirit

  • Meet your Gatekeeper

  • Meet your Spirit Guides

  • Guided Meditations to support your practice


 All sessions are delivered LIVE via Zoom. Students will have access to their own private Facebook group where resources and the learning experience can be shared and discussed. This is not only a great opportunity to open up your channelling abilities, it is also a wonderful way with which to make new friends, connect to other happy souls and expand your soul tribe.


Once the class is complete, the Facebook group will remain active and private for the students, so that we may continue our mediumship journey together, with ongoing support from one another and myself.


You will need the following: 


  • A stable internet connection (as classes are delivered by live video sessions) Zoom.
  • Earphones with a mic
  • A quiet and peaceful space in which to sit whilst in class
  • A Facebook account to access group resources (class recordings are uploaded here)

Beginners to Mediumship Workshop

  • You can cancel your place on the workshop and receive a full refund up until 48 hours before the workshops begins on 11th December 2021, thereafter no refunds will be offered. By purchasing this class you agree to these terms.