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Crystal Grid Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 222.22 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

Step into a profound healing experience and inner transformation with my Crystal Grid Healing, where the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry is applied with the healing energies of crystals. The remarkable synergy between these two powerful forces harmonise your mind, body, and spirit. This service was inspired by the Healing Sand Paintings of Native American tribes. Sand paintings, like crystal grids, provide a portal through which energy can be harnessed and transmitted in intentional healing ways. Sand paintings are cleared away after the healing energies have been dispersed and the same principle works with crystal grids. Crystal Grid Healing is a holistic and metaphysical practice that harnesses the energy of crystals arranged in specific geometric patterns to amplify their individual and collective energies. Each crystal carries its own unique vibration, and when combined strategically within sacred geometry formations they create a potent energetic field that can aid in emotional, mental, and physical healing. What to Expect from the Crystal Grid Healing Service Personal Energy Reading: Your healing journey begins with a personalised energy reading in which I review your chakras and consult with your spirit guides, we will discuss the intentions and goals for the session. Crystal Selection: I carefully select a combination of crystals, each chosen for its specific healing properties, to enhance your grid. These crystals will interact synergistically to support your well-being. Sacred Geometry Arrangement: With precision and intention, I arrange the crystals into a sacred geometric pattern. This meticulous placement creates a powerful and harmonious energy field that resonates with your healing requirements. Grid Activation: The activation of the crystal grid requires a ritual where intention and energy converge to awaken the latent power of the crystals and sacred geometry. This process is both ceremonial and deeply personal, as it infuses your grid with the unique energy. The grid will remain in my healing space for the remainder of the day. You will receive a photo of your crystal grid so that you can recreate it at home with your own crystals. Please note that the crystals used will not be supplied to you. I work with crystals from my own collection and you will not receive a physical crystal grid. If you would like to purchase a crystal grid I can cater to this by separate negotiation.

Cancellation Policy

For reschedules, please contact me 48hrs in advance to avoid being charged. STRICTLY NO REFUNDS.

Contact Details

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