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As Twin Flames, we often think of ourselves as either a Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. We perceive our counterpart as the opposite. In truth, we hold both of these divine energies within ourselves and we express both at various stages in our lives and during the whirlwind that is our Twin Flame Journey. Our counterparts are mirrors for the truth that resides within us and the journey asks us to see and know ourselves from the perspective of our unified hearts.


For the longest time I understood the concept of needing to balance my inner masculine, as well as my inner feminine, but I had no idea how.

  I have been dwelling in my own distorted masculine energy for 2 years, it was the death of my father, this spring, and a chain of synchronistic events, that finally allowed me to have the "aha" moment I had been longing for, and suddenly, everything became clear.  

  It has brought me so much peace and comfort to finally understand this challenging stage of the Twin Flame Journey and it is a pleasure to be able to share with you those findings that have lifted me out of confusion and back into the light.


As with all of my classes, this course will be channelled, the guidance is as much for me as it is for you, for the wisdom comes through me and not from me. Whilst I share anecdotes from my own personal realisations and path, I work with my spirit guides to offer you a deep and meaningful perspective of the Twin Flame journey.


The course is split into 3 parts, each session is 2 hours long.


This course includes, but is not limited to -

  • Overview of the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspect within self and the connection
  • Techniques to identify and heal imbalances in your masculine and feminine energies
  • Methods to foster a more balanced and harmonious relationship with self and your counterpart
  • Strategies for intergrating both energies into daily life
  • Practical exercises and meditations to help you on your self- love path


This workshop involves deep introspection and emotional work. Approach it with an open heart and a willingness to grow and see yourself through the lense of the divine. Due to the intesive nature, it may be emotionally challenging, but ultimately rewarding. 


In this 3 part course we will be exploring what it means to be Divinely Feminine and Masculine and discussing the various goals and objectives of each of these energies. I will show you how to harmonise these aspects within, helping you to foster inner wholeness and improved relationships with self and others. 


Benefits -

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Twin Flame journey and your role in balancing the energy of your connection
  • Enhance your wellbeing and relationships though balanced and authentic interactions
  • Unlock your spiritual potential to lead a more fulfilling life


You will need the following: 


  • A stable internet connection (as classes are delivered by live video sessions) Zoom.
  • Earphones with a mic
  • A quiet and peaceful space in which to sit whilst in class
  • Notebook and pen


Dates & Times

Sunday | 18th of August 2024 | 8pm-10pm BST

Sunday | 25th of August 2024 | 8pm-10pm BST

Sunday | 1st of September 2024 | 8pm-10pm BST

Please check how these times correspond with your local time zone.


These classes will be recorded so you can watch them again at your convenience. All of my classes, courses and workshops include a "Lifetime Learning Guarantee", which means if and when I offer the same class/course/workshop again, you are free to attend again at no further cost.


By Purchasing this class you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Uniting The Divine Masculine & Feminine

  • You can cancel your place on the workshop and receive a full refund up until 48 hours before the workshops begins, thereafter no refunds will be offered. By purchasing this class you agree to these terms.

  • I am committed to providing resources for your spiritual growth. When you purchase one of my classes or workshops I provide recorded playbacks, that you can watch again at your convenience. If and when I repeat the same class/course in future, you are free to attend again at no additional cost.

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