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PLEASE NOTE - There are only a limited number of clearings offered each week, if the service appears out of stock please check back on a Monday when more bookings are made available.


I follow a slightly different protocol from standard SRT when clearing Twin Flames, please be advised this is a clearing for the connection that exists between Twins, and not for each individual, though I will review and clear each individuals chakras - in addition to the connecting chakras within the Twin Flame ring.


All aspects of the connection are reviewed, cleared, protected and grounded, with feedback and guidance provided to support the client in understanding progress made on their journey and what is required now.


A Twin Flame clearing is conducted by two people (both a medium and facilitator), who tune into your Twin Flame connection and review overall spiritual health, clearing anything negative as required.


This is a remote service, you will receive a detailed report via email after the service is completed, either in writing or an audio file, whichever is appropriate for your case.  Lead time is up to 14 business days. If your clearing is urgent please get in touch ahead of booking to enquire about the current lead time. 


Strictly no refunds.

Twin Flame Connection Clearing

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