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We all want a little clarity in terms of whether we are moving in the right direction or what our blind spots are. Being able to interpret the cards for yourself gives you the convenience of having your own personal reader at your fingertips, allowing you to tap into your own intuitive truth, for many it can become a rewarding career path.


Tarot reading is a practice close to my heart. I have been an avid student for over 20 years and a professional reader for the last 6 years. I am so excited to share this magical and life enhancing practice with you, in the hopes it will inspired your healing, growth and wisdom, as much as it has mine.


ANYONE can read tarot. The beauty of this practice is that even with limited psychic ability we can all develop a solid understanding of the wisdom the cards are able to impart. For years I tried to read tarot using the little book that came with my first deck - remembering all the individual meanings and symbols was exhausting and difficult, but over the years I have developed a method that makes identifying each card and its meaning super easy.   Most of my classes are channelled, though with this class I teach from my own experience, in addition to channelling my trusted Tarot guide, Arthur.


In this 5 part LIVE VIDEO workshop I introduce you to The Fools journey through the 78 cards of the Tarot. Classes are held fortnightly to allow you time to develop your practice between classes and are recorded so that you can access them later at your convenience. Whilst you can watch the playback, instead of joining the live classes, I encourage you to try your best to join us for session 5 - as this is the session where we will be doing some real live practice and readings.


This class includes, but is not limited to -

  • Channeling the Tarot
  • Detailed overview of every card and its meaning, and how to integrate this learning
  • How to read the cards in combination with one another
  • How to prepare and plan a tarot spread
  • How to read for yourself & others
  • Real time card reading practice with your fellow students


 All sessions are delivered LIVE via Zoom, but are recorded so that you can watch the playback at your convenience. Please allow uo to 72 hours for the playback to become available. The playbacks are available at your convenience until the next live classes are launched (Dates TBC). As part of my "Lifetime Learning Guarantee" students who purchase these classes will be allowed free access to the same classes each time I repeat them.


You will need the following: 


  • A stable internet connection (as classes are delivered by live video sessions) Zoom.
  • Earphones with a mic
  • A quiet and peaceful space in which to sit whilst in class
  • A Rider Waite Tarot Deck (it is important you have this specific deck)
  • Notebook and pen


Dates & Times

Session 1 | Saturday, 24th August 2024, 6pm-8pm BST

Session 2 | Saturday, 7th September 2024, 6pm-8pm BST

Session 3 | Saturday, 21st September 2024 6pm-8pm BST

Session 4 | Saturday, 5th October 2024 6pm-8pm BST

Session 5 | Saturday, 19th October 2024 6pm-8pm BST

Please check how these times correspond with your local time zone.


By Purchasing this class you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Tarot Card Reading for Beginners

  • You can cancel your place on the workshop and receive a full refund up until 48 hours before the workshops begins, thereafter no refunds will be offered. By purchasing this class you agree to these terms.

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