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This course is FREE or by DONATION, because I firmly believe that we all deserve to armed with this most vital life skill.

See the information at the end of this listing to find out how to participate for FREE or by a smaller donation than the recommended £77.77.


Standing in your power resembles a gentle strength that doesn't need to be seen and heard to thrive. When you are living life from an empowered place, you are fed from within. 


When you give yourself the gift of living life in your power: 


  • You stop looking to others to define who you are, or who you are not. 
  • You see others as they truly are, not as they wish to be seen or as you wish to see them.
  • You love and accept yourself, making it easier to see the goodness in yourself and others.
  • You can protect your energy from low vibrational people, places and situations.
  • You can make yourself comfortable, well and happy - emotionally, mentally and physically.
  • You can live intentionally. Manifesting more of what you want and less of what doesn't serve you.
  • You can trust yourself, your awareness and your truth.


Everything is energy. You are energy. Every day, in every way, the beliefs you hold, the feelings you have, and the things that you think, are shaping your entire life perception and experience. Where your mental, emotional, physical and conscious focus is matters. By standing in your power, you give yourself permission to embrace life to your fullest potential. 


You cannot control the world around you, but you can learn how to navigate it with more strength, focus and peace.


In this 4 session transformative course you will learn -


  • How your energy body functions and its significance in conscious and peaceful living.
  • How to be develop self awareness of, harness and control your own energy.
  • How your energy interacts with the world around you.
  • How to protect yourself from people, places and situations that drain your energy. 
  • How to regulate and direct your thoughts and emotions.
  • How to access your highest truth about self and others.
  • How to live intentionally and manifest a life that is aligned with your highest good.


By the end of the course you will have the tools to live with heightened consciousness, enhanced focus and aligned intention, unlocking your potential to confidently stand in your personal power. 


This course is held LIVE on ZOOM. Don't worry if you cannot attend the live events, all classes are recorded and can be watched later at your convenience for up to 12 weeks.



Saturday |  25th November, 2023 |  4pm GMT (90 minutes)

Saturday |  30th December, 2023 |  4pm GMT (90 minutes)

Saturday |  27th January, 2024      |  4pm GMT (90 minutes)

Saturday |  24th February, 2024    |  4pm GMT (90 minutes)

*Please check how these times corrrespond with your local time zone.


The recommended donation is £77.77 -

  • To donate this amount simply check out as normal
  • To participate for FREE, check out using Coupon Code: Power1111
  • To participate and make a smaller donation, check out using Coupon Code: Power1111 and visit HERE to donate via paypal


Thank you SO much for donating what you can and sharing this course on your social media platforms <3



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