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PLEASE NOTE - There are only a limited number of clearings offered each week, if the service appears out of stock please check back on a Monday when more bookings are made available.


Our home is our temple, it can feel very distracting and uncomfortable to notice an unwelcome presence or unplesant energies in our home, work space or commercial premises we frequent. Charlotte May will tune into the address provided and completes a rigorous protocol to ensure the property or space is thoroughly cleared of any interfering energies that do not serve the highest good of the occupants.


This can include, but is not limited to -

Clearing the property for Earthbound Spirits (ghosts) that need to be moved on to the light

Clearing the property of any Dark Force Entities or other destructive spiritual beings

Clearing any residual spiritual, human or situational energies that are unwelcome/intrusive

Sealing any portals in or around the property (These are gateways to other places or dimensions generally used by spiritual beings)

Clearing the property of any spiritual covenants/contracts/magic that may affect it and its occupants

Placing protection in and around the property and providing protection maintenance guidance for the client


This service is designed to clear any space/envronment of your choosing, the price is based on 1 average sized home/apartment per booking (max 7 individual rooms and 5 occupants). If you require a clearing for a property with more than 7 rooms/5 occupants or a very large building or commercial/public space please enquire directly by email first, as pricing may vary.


A home clearing is conducted by Charlotte May, who connects with your chosen address and reviews overall spiritual activity, clearing anything negative as required.


Charlotte conducts most of the clearings, but also works with a team of skilled mediums that she has trained herself as in some instances, Charlotte is guided that she is not the appropriate medium for the task. All mediums tune in at their own unique frequency and also work with their own unique team of guides. Your case will always be assigned to the most appropriate medium to clear your chosen address at that time, and this is decided by spirit.


This is a remote service, you will receive a detailed report via email after the service is completed, either in writing or an audio file, whichever is approriate for your case. Lead time is up to 14 business days. If your clearing is urgent please get in touch ahead of booking to enquire about the current lead time.


Strictly no refunds.

House/Space Clearing

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