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When we gather together and open our hearts to the healing intention of love and light, we cultivate and nourish a universal flow of unconditional love. This energy can be channelled, harnessed and directed for the well being of self and all those who need it.


As usual, this is a FREE or by DONATION event - it is important to me that all who need it can attend, no mattern your financial situation - if for any reason this session is not affordale to you right now, you can check out for FREE using coupon code 88portal24

I offer my deepest gratitude to those of you who are able to pay in full, and who's generosity allows these sessions to continue and reach all who may benefit from them. Thank you!


The Lions Gate Portal is a cosmic dance of stars and energies. On this auspicious date of 8/8, the celestial alignment between Earth, Sirius, and Orion intertwines, forming a portal of enchantment and manifestation.

During this celestial sojourn, Leo season's vibrant energy compels us to embrace our true divinity.

This astral doorway graces us between July 28 and August 12, with the pinnacle alignment occurring on August 8. With a thematic emphasis on self-expression and authenticity, we are called to channel the majestic spirit of the lion – a potent assertion of our inner power.  In the guided mediation we will acknowledge our past evolutions, failures, and triumphs, for they have sculpted our present form and will rightly inform our next steps. The key to succesful manifestation is to release the doubt and tribulations of our past and sail forward with faith and hope in our hearts, and that is exactly what we will do. As always, I am SO excited to share the magic with you.


You do not need to be a healer or lightworker to attend, I will guide the group in a gentle meditation, from where we can journey together and support our collective intentions for healing, joy and peace for all. This promises to be a much needed healing boost for all!


Include the names of your loved ones who you would like to benefit from the group healing and take some time to reflect on the healing gifts, support or energies you would like to receive for yourself - the names and loving intentions that you share will be printed and placed on my altar.


It is always such a sweet treat to share real time and space with you and I look forward to seeing you there!


Date | Thursday 8th August 2024

Time | 8pm BST

Please check how these times correspond with your local time zone


This session is recorded for those who cannot make it to the live event and you can comfortably tap into the same full force of healing that we all share, at your convenience. The recording will be available to watch for 30 days.


You will receive an email with the link to the zoom room 1 hour before the event. 


8/8 LIONS GATE PORTAL Collective Healing Session

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