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This part of the story almost seems pointless, if you’ve found your way to reading this, you probably already know. You’ve already been driven to distraction by your irrational longing for another human being, one whom at this stage, probably doesn’t long for you back. But just in case you are still in doubt - here are some of the signs.

  • You feel a powerful sense of familiarity or recognition - on the surface they may seem very different to you. You may have been raised differently, with different beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, cultures, you may not appear to have much in common in terms of what you like or dislike, but still, they feel deeply familiar, like you have known them your whole life.

  • You quickly feel a deep connection - Despite many perceived differences, you feel deeply connected and magnetised to them. They invade your thoughts frequently and you cannot stop thinking about them, even if it is to wonder why you cannot stop thinking about them.

  • They make you feel more real in your own sexuality - If you are a female, they will make you feel more woman than you have ever felt in your life. If you are a Male, they will bring out the masculine in you. It is important to note that twins CAN be same sex couples - the divine feminine will be more vulnerable, the masculine will feel more protective.

  • You are in tune with their energy - There will be inexplicable synchronicities and coincidences in your communication and actions. It will be difficult to conceal your true feelings because energy doesn’t lie and both of you will pick up on the truth of the situation, even when the words that come out of your mouth don’t match. If you play hard to get, they will sense your interest anyway.

  • You may be different but you will share the same values - when it comes to matters of the heart, compassion, empathy and love, you will have an identical outlook. Even if you have been suffering and displaying obnoxious behaviours as a result, you will know your heart is pure and sense that theirs is too.

  • The connection will both inspire you and terrify you in equal measure - Despite the intensity of your feelings, you will also feel repelled by them. Twin flames are mirrors, everything you dislike about yourself will be reflected back at you by them. You may actively dislike them in many ways, but still cannot help but have strong feelings.

  • No matter what they do, you will always be magnetically drawn back to them - It doesn’t matter how much it doesn’t “work” between you or how irrational the relationship seems, you cannot help but want to be with them.

  • One of you is more mature than the other - Age gaps are very common but the difference can be in emotional maturity. One is usually the guide, teacher and and counsellor.

  • The physical connection is very intense, explosive and unforgettable - The sex may be awkward or different to what you have experienced because of the intensity and yet somehow still mind blowing and deeply satisfying.

  • They come in and out of your life and no matter how hard you try, you can never forget them - We can all relate to “the one that got away” a person we had something with once that pops into your thoughts occasionally and you wistfully wonder what could have been, but with your twin, you think about them often, no matter the time or distance between you, even when it makes no sense and you try to convince yourself it would never work, you cannot get them out of your mind.

  • You experience an intense spiritual connection that invades your dreams and waking thoughts - Even when you have been separated for a long time, you will dream of them and be reminded of them in powerful synchronistic ways.

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