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A daily grounding and protection practice is very simple and effective. I conduct mine whilst washing/bathing every morning and before I sleep at night. If you do not have a direct connection to your guides, please know that whilst you may at present be struggling to hear/see/feel them, they ARE there and they are supporting you every step of the way. In addition to the daily ritual below, I have included an exercise you can do to help you connect with your guides. If you have a twin that is not spiritually aware then include them in this practice, below I refer to “both” - you and your twin.


Daily Grounding & Protection (mini meditation)


  • With your feet on the ground, close your eyes and take 5 nice deep breaths, inhaling in through your nose, holding that breath for 3 seconds, then releasing it from your mouth.

  • Visualise your twin flame in front of you and roots growing from the underside of both your feet, see them, moving deep down into the earth, through every layer of the earth’s crust until they reach the centre where there is light.

  • Visualise yours and your twins roots wrapping around the earth’s light core to anchor itself there. Then begin to draw this light up through both your roots until it reaches your bodies.

  • As the light reaches your bodies, allow it to travel up through your bodies, until it fills every inch of your being. If you are familiar with chakra work - you can imagine each chakra opening one at a time and being cleansed and rejuvenated as the light moves upwards through your bodies.

  • When the light reaches your crown, visualise it bursting out into the space above you and shooting up into space, where it connects with source, a beautiful big ball of brilliant white light high above you. So that you are both now connected to light from above and below.

  • Visualise a beautiful pink light emanating from your heart spaces and allow it to grow outwards so that it expands around you both to form an egg shape, allow this pink light to merge with the white light, so that you are surrounded by an egg shape bubble of pink and white light.

  • Seal your bubble with a gold or silver shield, clearly visualise yourself in this lovely bubble of light with a firm, shiny gold or silver shield.

  • Tell yourself that you are both safe and protected. Ask your guides to support your protection, give thanks to your guides and the universe for supporting you in being safe, protected and full of light.

  • Take another couple of deep breaths and open your eyes and go about your day.

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