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Everyone has a spiritual counsel, consisting of many guides who are assigned by you before you incarnate to support you in your physical life and spiritual ascension. Each of us has a principal guide, but you may meet many more who will help you with specific areas of your life. As an example, so far I have met 5 of my guides - one who helps me with energy healing, another who helps me with tarot, one for SRT and so on. Connecting with your guides will dramatically increase your awareness of your own sovereignty (spiritual wellness) and protection.


If you do not consider yourself “psychic”, you can still connect with your guides. Everyone experiences this connection differently, and the connection may feel different for each of your guides. For example, I have some who show themselves to me clearly (in my third eye) and talk to me (clairaudiently) and others who only show themselves to me but communicate with me through claircognizance (delivering appropriate thoughts and ideas right into my conscious mind). Everyone is different, but the easiest way to know your guides are there, is to feel them energetically.


Additional Protective Measures


  • Wear crystals on your person for protection, in the form of jewellery or ones you can keep in pockets or bra’s. A clear quartz programmed with your intent to protect is fine, alternatively there are many crystals with protective qualities. I recommend Kyanite, Labradorite, Turquoise, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Obsidian and Malachite.

  • Sprinkle salt around your bed, across open windows and doors or any other entrances to your home.

  • Bathe in salt water

  • Clear your space, self and belongings with sage or palo alto


Exercise 1


Once you have grounded and protected yourself, keep your eyes closed and take a few more deep breaths and invite your guides to come close to you so that you can feel them. Ask them to give you a physical signal of their presence. Ask them to come close, observe any subtle changes in your physical body. Ask them to step away again - so that you can see if any changes you noticed disappear. Repeat this over and over until you are confident you are familiar with the physical sign that your guides are present.


This feels different for everyone. For me, I feel a tingly chill all the way up my back, but it may be very different for you. By repeating this exercise you will soon come to know how your guides show you that they are with you. Try not to get frustrated if you don’t get immediate results, just keep practising and eventually you will “tune” in.


Exercise 2


Once you are familiar with the physical signal that your guides are close, ask them to show you a physical signal for YES and NO. Even if this is the only communication you are able to receive from your guides, it will allow you to check your own sovereignty each day.

Practice this daily until you are able to feel the difference between a yes and no signal from your guides.

This YES or NO signal may be different than the feeling you get when they come close, for me it is a vibration in my ears, which is slightly different for yes or no. Again, keep practising until you can clearly discern the difference.


Exercise 3


Once you are confident in both of the above exercises, you can begin to ask your guides at the beginning of your grounding and protection ritual/meditation - Am I sovereign? Ask 3 times and make sure you get a yes 3 times. If you get Yes, Yes, No, or anything other than 3 yeses, then you must assume you are NOT sovereign.


If you are not sovereign, imagine yourself back in your protective bubble of light and visualise a sword in one of your hands and a flame in the other, use the sword to cut all the way around your body and the flame to do the same, repeat this - all the while intending that you are removing anything negative that does not serve you and then ask again, am I sovereign? Repeat until you get 3 yeses.


If for some reason you are not able to clear yourself, then you will need to ask for another SRT clearing.

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