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A little about me and my mission 

I first discovered the Twin Flame concept when 3 years after meeting my own twin I suddenly began having very lucid dreams about him. My spiritual awakening was triggered by my twin and it was an overwhelming time which made me feel completely insane. I went to the doctor, sought psychiatric support and became absolutely convinced that the ongoing dream talk with my twin meant I must be mentally unwell. After receiving the all clear from the medical pro’s, I tentatively began searching online for answers and stumbled upon the Twin Flame Concept and it resonated deeply, I knew instinctively this was what was happening to me.


However, the amount of contradicting information online about twins was at times overwhelming. I am a very inquisitive person and dug deep for information, but was often frustrated by the myriad of views. Many light workers don’t even believe in the Twin Flame concept, with plenty chalking it up as a codependent obsession, whilst others charge thousands of dollars to sign you up to some kind of programme that promises union. I felt stuck and confused, not sure what or who to believe and eventually stopped referring to information online - my awakening had prompted a passionate interest in meditation and through this learning and practice I was able to connect with my own higher mind and spiritual counsel to get answers.


What I write here is from my own experience. I write with integrity and share my findings with the sole intention of supporting others on this journey. As with everything spiritual, I firmly believe we must trust ourselves and our own instincts and judgement first and foremost and I encourage you to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. I do not profess to be a “Twin Flame Expert” by any stretch, but I trust what I have learned and I share it with you here in perfect trust, in the hope that you too can find a way forward on this journey.


I feel very strongly that whilst every light worker has a right to make a living, the Twin Flame community is a vulnerable one - most all of us understand the desperate longing we can sometimes feel for our twin and in that state we are inclined to do anything and everything to progress towards union. I myself spent silly money on twin flame “programmes” and downloads that promised miracles but delivered very little in terms of tangible progress. I believe many online twin flame “experts” take advantage of this vulnerable state in twins and my own guides have cautioned me against profiteering in this way. So you will find that all of my services are priced fairly and in line with average market value. I do not charge a great deal for my audio downloads, it takes me less than an hour to make each one and the small but recurring revenue covers any labour costs involved. My tarot readings are fairly priced compared to many and the SRT work, whilst appearing pricey, is very draining and so I am limited by the number of hours I can contribute each week to this - in addition, it requires two people to do this work, a medium and a facilitator, it is risky work and we come under constant attack from darker forces. I believe the fee charged is very reasonable considering all of this.


The SRT work is particularly important to me - my own learning and guides have lead me to understand that the Twin Flame journey is, above all else, about shining more light in this world, living in love, teaching others to love themselves and to lead lives that are meaningful, compassionate and supportive of others and our beautiful planet. This makes twins very vulnerable targets for darker forces, so protection and clearing is especially important. It is my mission to train as many light workers as possible to support this very important SRT work. As I develop my research in this area alongside my good friend and partner Ade, I will update here as to the training courses available and ensure that anyone using my techniques is fully qualified, accredited by me and charging a fair price.


Thank you so much for visiting my website and supporting this community. It is my honour and privilege to serve you. This website could not function without the many volunteers who help manage the forum, contribute to our research, donate to the cause and purchase readings and clearings to keep everything going. I am so grateful for this journey and everyone who takes the time to visit here and share their journey and love for the highest good of all.


Big Love and Best Wishes,


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