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‘Teach a person to love themselves and they will love all of humanity’

Happy soul

[ Hap-pee-sohl ] 

  1. A person who loves and accepts themselves and their experience

  2. Contented and joyful in the present moment

  3. Experiences a sense of fulfilment from personal growth and meaningful connections

  4. Radiates light, love and gratitude

  5. Characterised by resilience in the face of adversity, a capacity for love and compassion for self and others 

  6. A state of being that stems from the alignment of one’s truth and values with actions, fostering a healthy relationship with self and others and uniting a heart and mind that embraces the beauty in both the journey and the destination



Dedicated to helping you on your path to a joyful and fulfilled life.

My mission is to empower individuals to cultivate happiness within, nurturing a community that believes in the transformative power of a happy soul.


Happy Souls 11:11 is a place where like-minded individuals who share a common goal can connect and grow together. The self-healing journey is often a lonely one, made even more so by the complex and intricate nature of spiritual awakening and exploration. The community forums provide a space for sharing experiences, seeking advice and building meaningful connections with the collective.


You can also find guided meditations, interactive classes and a range of spiritual services delivered by me.


I firmly believe that everyone deserves access to life-enhancing mentorship and guidance. That’s why much of my content and classes are available for free or by donation. I strive to create an inclusive space where the pursuit of happiness and enlightenment is not hindered by financial barriers.

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Charlotte May


Charlotte is a Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher and explorer of the Universe. 


My name is listed as founder, creator and owner of the content on this site and various platforms for Happy Souls and Twins 11:11, which suggests that this work is mine - but that isn’t the truth, I can claim no real ownership. I am no wiser or brilliant than you are, the guidance I share is channelled from spirit, it comes through me and not from me, it supports my learning, growth and healing just as much as it does yours. 


I am also supported by an incredible team - My Spirit Guides, who display never-ending patience and kindness with me, as their channel and instrument. Jo Drew, who answers all of our emails and handles admin, events and our beautiful Crystal Grid website, Erin Newman and Aditi Mahajan, who are the supporting Mediums for my Spirit Release Therapy work, Dan Francis who creates our beautiful artwork and is illustrating our upcoming Oracle & Tarot decks and Zachary Messersmith, who creates beautiful, high vibrational music for our guided meditations. I am indebted to them all. Together we offer you a warm welcome to the Happy Souls 11:11 family.

I am a 44-year-old single mama of 4 from England. I have grappled with trauma, wrestled with depression and battled with anxiety throughout my life. Despite years of talking therapies, my past continued to haunt me. I was emotionally dysregulated and felt that my life was out of control. My childhood and adulthood were overshadowed by a seemingly pervasive misery. I felt worthless, burdened by self-loathing and completely unlovable.

In 2018 I experienced a spiritual awakening, three years after meeting my Twin Flame. This finally opened the door to real healing - via meditation, inner truth and the exploration of quantum realities through psychic awareness and empowerment, I learned that we all have innate power to heal, to feel whole and loved. I learned that we all have access to an infinite and nourishing source of sustenance that can be found in our own dear hearts. I was finally on the path of self-love and ascension, and it was a joyous relief to find the magic in everyday living. I learned how to love myself better and have felt compelled to share the wonders and hardships of spiritual awakening and healing ever since.


In 2019, frustrated by the amount of confusing, and often unethical, information about Twin Flames that I found online, I was guided to create a platform that would serve as a beacon of light and truth for those navigating the same journey. I launched the Happy Twins 11:11 YouTube channel, where I channel Tarot Readings full of soul-nurturing wisdom for those experiencing the roller coaster that is the Twin Flame connection and/or dysfunctional relationships. 


My goal back then was to help other Twin Fames cultivate the kind of inner peace, love and happiness that I too have longed for (and continue to work towards), and today that goal remains the same - but my guidance has expanded to encompass self-love, awareness, healing and inner peace for ALL. My deepest and most heartfelt wish is that my content can, in some small way at least, help you on your own journey back to yourself and that together, one person at a time, we can nudge the world towards more heart-centred living.


Thank you so much for sharing this time and space with me. It is truly an honour and a privilege to be a part of your journey, and you mine.

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