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‘Teach a person to love themselves and they will love all of humanity’

Hello, my name is Charlotte.

I am a light worker, my mission is to guide you in transforming your life from one of lack - to one of love, light, peace and abundance.

I have spent the great majority of my life existing in fear, suffering and sadness. I understand your pain. I understand how you feel.


If you have found your way to my website, chances are, that like many others you too are in pain. Emotional and mental anguish is symptomatic of the self love deficit that exists in most human beings on this planet.

 For most of us, we spend our lives putting all of our happiness, value, self worth, self esteem, self love and self respect in the hands of others and our material world. When these people, things or circumstances are removed from us, we suffer feelings of pain, abandonment and loss. 

 We are mostly raised to believe that love is conditional, that in order to be loved and to fit in, we must receive approval, we are wired to try and meet our need for love, comfort and joy outside of self. We effectively put our hearts in the hands of others.


My mission is to show you another way, to help you reconnect with the divine love that has existed inside of you all along, to guide you towards rewiring your programming so that you may accept unconditional love of self as a new way of being. This will allow you to love unconditionally all that is.

 In truth, the love that exists inside of us is the only thing we can trust. It can never be taken away, it is the only thing which we have ultimate control over. To harness the power within you is therefore, freedom. If you are at war with yourself, you will never find peace in your external world, but when you still your inner being and develop true love for self, you create love and peace everywhere you go.


Learning to love myself has transformed my life, it has inspired me to spread the love and  support others in transforming theirs too. In my darkest moments and for much of what has been a painful existence (we all have that cross to bare), I dared not believe that life could feel this good. Every day, in every way, I am awe inspired by the simplicity and magic of this journey of self realisation, that I was everything and all I need all along.


I was brought to this understanding by a powerful spiritual awakening triggered by meeting my Twin Flame, you can read more about that here

I am here to help you surrender, to yourself, to all that is, to the love inside of you. To FREEDOM.


I offer a range of services and classes through which you can share this journey of self realisation, love and light with me. I am on this journey too, every day I am moved to happy tears by the growth and expansion that I experience from sharing it with you. I work with a team of guides through whom which I channel all of my teachings. The wisdom comes through me, not from me - they are very determined that I explain this, I am not the healer nor the teacher, I am a channel through which spirit facilitates your healing and offers guidance.



I am a psychic medium, working with clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and my connection to spirit through my guides. I am madly in love with tarot and oracle cards and use them to explore my own journey, path and ascension, as well as to offer readings both privately and through free readings on my YouTube Channel and Social Media Platforms.


I am also a Twin Flame Guide and Coach, Qualified and Accredited Remote Spirit Release Therapist/Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Healer, Remote Energy Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher. I mainly work locally from my home in the UK, meeting with face to face clients to support them in their personal transformation, healing and spiritual development, as well as online work via email, video classes/meetings.


I am fascinated by the complexities of individual cases and devoted to helping people find their happy place and make better decisions that lead to a calmer and more fulfilling life and spiritual ascension.

Since I began my light mission, I have connected with some incredible people and made beautiful new friends that have both lifted and inspired me, I am so excited to share this journey and love with you too. 

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