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1-2-1 Mentoring | Mediumship


I am guided to take on some students for 1-2-1 mentoring in Mediumship.

There are only 3 paid spaces and 1 scholarship* available


Mediumship is a beautiful and life-affirming practice. Dependent on your current level of ability I will teach you from the ground up, ensuring you know how to practice safely, professionally and confidently, and support you in establishing a working connection to your own spiritual guides. Sessions will take place live on Zoom.

1-2-1 Mentorship is the ideal solution for anyone who struggles to learn in larger groups and/or wishes to enjoy the benefits of working with me directly in a much more intimate and focused way. 1-2-1 Mentoring means we can pace and deliver the teachings to suit your individual needs and you will have a lot more time to discuss with me your concerns, progress and queries. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced medium, I aim to support you in deepening your mediumistic awareness and honing your skills.

Sessions will take place for 1 hour each week for 8 weeks, beginning in June 2022 - on either a weekday morning between the hours of 9:30am-11am or on a Weds evening at 4pm or 8pm UK time (GMT/BST), please check how these times correspond with your local time zone.  If you are not available at these times, please do not apply.

This Mentorship programme is available by application only. The closing date for applicants is the 20th of May 2022 and students will be selected and notified of their successful application on the 21st of May 2022. Once applicants are selected you will be notified by email, you will have 48 hours to make payment in full via the PayPal info supplied. If no payment is forthcoming within the specified time frame your place will be offered to another applicant. No payment plans are offered for 1-2-1 mentorship.

£2222 for x 8  60min sessions


Please answer the questions below honestly. There is no such thing as a wrong answer - it is important that I understand your current state of being, goals and level of psychic awareness so that I know how to best support and mentor you.


Applicants will be chosen as GUIDED - that is to say, my own spiritual counsel/guides will elect the appropriate students.

Apply Now
Which of the following "clairs" do you feel confident in, If any?
Do you currently suffer from Depression?
Do you currently suffer from Bipolar Disorder?
Do you currently suffer from Psychosis?
Do you currently suffer from Personality Disorder?
Do you currently suffer from Anxiety?
Do you currently suffer from Schizophrenia?
Do you currently suffer from Addiction to Substance/s?
Do you currently suffer from Eating Disorder?

*Scholarships are offered only on the basis that the student repays the sum at a later date when it is affordable to do so. Any payments received will provide a scholarship for another student in the future. There is no time limit on repayment, we trust you to demonstrate integrity and to pay in full as and when you are able to. If you are applying for a Scholarship, do you agree to the above terms?

Thank you! I’ll be in touch.

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